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Application Checklist

Application Checklist 

Dear Prospective Residents: 

Any documents pertaining to your household will be needed for your interview process.  

Please bring the following applicable documents with you to your appointment:

•  Original social security cards, birth certificates, and/or proof of legal U.S. status for all members of household & photo ID for anyone ages 18 and over
•  Current Social Security Award Letter
•  Current Pension/Annuity Statement
•  Current Pay Stubs (6 most recent, consecutive)
•  Current Alimony/ Child support Information
•  Any Sources of Income not listed above
•  Last 6 months of Checking Account statements
•  Most recent Savings Account statement 
•  Certificate(s) of Deposits
•  Stocks/Bonds/401 K/IRA’S/Annuity- most recent statement
•  Whole/Universal Life Insurance statement
•  Settlement Papers if you sold your home
•  Mortgage and most recent Property Tax Information if you still own your home
•  Bankruptcy papers
•  Any other type of accounts or assets not listed above
•  Last year’s Tax Returns

If you are bringing a pet that meets the guidelines of the Pet Policy, please bring the following with you:
•  Current Vaccination records for each pet
•  Current Photo of each pet

Thank you.  We appreciate your cooperation!